And we still don’t know, just as I suspected. And yet just as I dreaded. We may not know the outcome of the presidential election for quite some time, but we do know this: many of our neighbors and friends that we have categorized as good people because they are nice to us have in them the ability to support racism and the mistreatment of women and children. I will never understand how someone can say they are a Christian and support someone who so blatantly is not.

My heart is heavy.

I did not expect a landslide and yet my heart had this hope I was afraid to ever voice. It hoped that there was goodness in more people than I believed. That their goodness would rise up and stand for their neighbor. That their faith would rise up and say this behavior is not right and not what Jesus would do.

It still matters to me who wins. But my faith in the goodness of people took another huge hit in the last 24 hours.

Election day 2020 in my RBG sweatshirt. Not pictured: oldest jeans I own and furry pink slippers.

One thought on “Embers of Hope

  1. I, too, am amazed at how many people who claim to have Christian values support such a divisive president. He is a man with no integrity, a racist, and someone who lacks empathy for others. It is alarming that we reside in a country with so many citizens who believe it is okay to condemn anyone who is not like them.

    Today, I choose to believe that the strong and faithful will win and our next four years will see positive changes in our country.

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