One of the unexpected interesting things about WordPress is the analytics. The countries site visitors are from, and then being able to find and communicate with other people with similar writing styles and interests. These pages are part of my journal and I never thought analytics would be of any importance to me. And yet it’s curious how many times a day the same couple of people hit this site.

A couple hundred times over the weekend, and more than 60 times since about 9 last night.

Seriously, move on. Live your life. Actually enjoy it. Two little girls have cried countless tears and been to countless doctor appointments as a result of actions you took to presumably find happiness. So find it, and spend your time and energy on that. Live lives that add something positive to the universe, not lives where you have to constantly worry about what other people think. That’s when you’ll find true happiness.

My daughters deserve nothing less than your total commitment to living lives that make you worthy of them. And you know what I deserve? I deserve to turn on my computer or open up my app to write, and not be greeted by analytics that connect me to you. I deserve freedom. I don’t care if you read what I write, and you can sign up to get the posts via email if you want. But, I deserve freedom from you.

I deserve freedom, and frankly so do you. We’ve all been through a lot of pain to get it.

One thought on “Freedom

  1. I went through something similar. My experience was through intrusive face-time calling. I deserve to have a home free of your voice, your face, and just… YOU! Like you say, Beth, live your life. Behaviors have consequences. Deal with it.


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