I keep reading commentary about the protests that involve looting and property destruction, and while I understand that people are frightened and frustrated I also can’t stop thinking that we’re here because peaceful protest hasn’t worked. We’ve had years of peaceful protests and they’ve accomplished nothing.

And I recalled this photo from a few years ago and it’s been a big part of my thoughts for days. It’s a serene woman, who’s clearly a threat to no one, being charged by men in scary gear. I could not recall any of the details, but after a few quick searches found she was protesting the death of Alton Sterling in 2016. And I found the photo was pretty famous, and many articles were written about it or included it with their coverage of protests after Sterling was shot and killed.


Here were the words of the serene woman: “I’m human. I’m a woman. I’m a mom. I’m a nurse. I could be your nurse. I could be taking care of you. You know? Our children could be friends. We all matter. We don’t have to beg to matter. We do matter.”

Read the full article here.

Peaceful protests didn’t work, and they were never going to. Innocent and peaceful people have continued to die under that plan.

Perhaps the only way Americans are going to really pay attention is because property is now being destroyed. And yet how incredibly sad and just heartbreaking that Americans care more when we watch property being harmed than we do when we watch people being harmed.

My heart is heavy.

May every demonstrator and officer facing danger this night make it home safely to their mom or dad or sibling or spouse or child or friend. We desperately need change in the hearts of people that fill this country and in the processes that govern this country. We desperately need peace, and genuine regard for the value of life to prevail. It’s going to take hard work by all of us, and while we’re accomplishing that work may every just person on both sides of the protest/police lines make it back into the arms of those who love them.

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