This photo moves me.

A mother supporting protestors while supporting her child while feeding her child.

A mother, doing what she can in this moment, investing in the next generation in multiple ways.

Genesis 3:1 tells us Adam named his wife Eve “because she was the mother of all human beings.” Perhaps it’s because of my stage in life, but mother is the lens through which I process video after video and photo after photo, wanting more than anything for our nation’s children to get home safely each night and to have lives filled with peace and trust and love and opportunity.

I think it’s ultimately the mommas who will have to make it so. Who will have to have the critical conversations to make it so. Who will have to lead this nation through anger and grief to healing. Who will raise children to love one another. It’s up to the mommas, and we can’t leave such a critical task to others.

Read the full article and see all the photos from this series, here.

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